Late scout pioneer's children take spat to court

THE daughter of a Singapore scout movement pioneer is taking her brother to court, claiming that he tried to head-butt her as she took their father to hospital weeks before he died.

Madam Yvonne Goh Mei Ling, 62, alleges that she was escorting Mr Dennis Goh Chin Chye to Tan Tock Seng Hospital on Feb 7 this year when Mr Eric Goh Wai Mun, 69, started a quarrel with her.

The siblings have been in a dispute over their father's five- room Housing Board flat in Clementi. The senior Mr Goh, who worked tirelessly to revive scouting here after World War II, died of heart failure on March 5, at age 94.

Madam Goh, a retiree who lives in England, claims her brother tried to head-butt her as the row escalated. She felt that her safety was threatened and is applying for a personal protection order against him.

The Family Court judge had urged the siblings to settle it out of court, but yesterday, a one-day trial was set for the case to be heard there on May 20.

Madam Goh returned to Singapore with her sister, Yvette, 52, who also lives in England, earlier this year. When the sisters visited their father on Feb 4, Madam Goh told The Straits Times that they were shocked to find their father "in a bad state", adding: "His back was sore with open wounds and we could see his bones. There was also gangrene on his feet."

Three days later, they decided to take him to hospital. Madam Goh took along her father's identification card and medical records for the admission. But her brother was upset with her for doing so, and called her a "thief", Madam Goh told the court. He then attempted the head-butt.

The court also heard that after Mr Dennis Goh's death, Mr Eric Goh took his mother - Madam Eileen Chia Yoke Mui, 91 - to live with him and his family. He allegedly prevented the two sisters from visiting her.

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