Man found dead inside van at Simei carpark

A 51-year-old contractor found unconscious inside a parked van in a Simei estate was later pronounced dead at the scene by SCDF personnel on Apr 2.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the contractor was found slouched in the driver's seat, with his head tilted towards the left. He was also described to have been pale in the face.

When the SCDF came down to provide assistance, they were forced to break the windscreen in order to reach the contractor as they couldn't open the doors to get into the vehicle.

He was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene by the SCDF personnel.

In an interview with the Chinese newspaper, the contractor's brother-in-law said that he was sent to the hospital in a wheelchair last Saturday after he was "so uncomfortable that he could not move".

The police have classified this case as an unnatural death. Investigations are ongoing.

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