Next: Helping workers at eateries speak good English

SINGAPORE - Customers frustrated by the poor English of the staff at some food and beverage outlets will be glad to know that the Speak Good English Movement plans to step in.

Owners and operators of coffee shops, food courts and restaurants acknowledge that it is important for their staff to have basic proper English, but say it is a challenge for some foreigners and older workers.

Kopitiam director Yip Keng Soon said the food court chain occasionally gets complaints about foreign staff who get the wrong order.

Kopitiam, which hires workers from countries such as China, the Philippines and Myanmar, will be part of the campaign.

Other partners include ToastBox, Ya Kun, Dignity Kitchen and Gayatri restaurant.

The Speak Good English Movement, launched in 2000, is placing special emphasis on working adults to enhance their speaking and communication skills at work this year.

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