3 more things about S'pore that will shock Vin Diesel

US$154,000 (S$195,000) for a Toyota Prius?

Based on Vin Diesel's reaction in a RazorTV video, that is apparently more shocking than finding out that Michelle Rodriguez's character is still alive in Fast & Furious 6.

This is not a spoiler since Rodriguez is also in the same video promoting the movie and I think that pretty much gives it away that her character didn't die in the fourth movie of the series like we were led to believe.

Rodriguez's character supposedly died in Avatar too. Now I'm not so sure.

Anyway, in the RazorTV video, cast members of Fast & Furious 6 were quizzed by a Straits Times journalist on the prices of cars in Singapore.

Rodriguez was asked to guess the price of a 1.6-litre Nissan Sylphy sedan. She said US40,000 (S$51,000). When the US actress was told that a Nissan Sylphy costs US$90,000 in Singapore, her jaw literally dropped.

Wait. Does she even know what a Nissan Sylphy is? Just because she's in a movie franchise about cars doesn't mean she has heard of the Sylphy.

This is especially since in America, there's no such thing as a Nissan Sylphy. Over there, the Nissan Sylphy is marketed as the Nissan Sentra. Same car, different name.

In the back of her mind, Rodriguez was probably wondering whether the Sylphy is a car for lesbians since "Sylphy" sounds a little like "sapphic".

In which case, 40 grand sounds about right for a lesbian car. I have to check sgcarmart.com Rodriguez may be a better actress than we thought.

But of the four Fast & Furious 6 actors in the video (the other two are Gina Carano and Luke Evans), Diesel was the most animated and entertaining in his shocked reaction to the high car prices.

Here are three other uniquely Singaporean things I would love to see his reaction to.

Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video

In this YouTube video by PUB, someone in a giant water droplet costume shows up and people start having something like epileptic seizures.

This Water Wally character is a greater menace to public health than the dengue mosquito. No wonder Singa quit.

Have the Ministry of Health and National Environment Agency been alerted?

I imagine if Vin Diesel is shown the video, he would ask: "Why am I looking at a naked boy showering?

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