Cars destroyed by fallen trees during heavy rain in western S'pore

SINGAPORE - Several readers have written in to report damage caused by heavy rain over in the western part of Singapore.

According to pictures and contributions submitted to citizen journalism website Stomp, the storm disrupted traffic and caused trees to fall on cars.

Natnuahs, who contributed a photo of a tree which had fallen on a car, said: "The tree fell on a car after strong winds and a hail storm in Jurong.

"I hope the poor dude can claim insurance"

Veronica and Zen, who contributed photos of a line of trees which had fallen down, said: "Rows of trees alongside PIE on the way to JEM has fallen down and some of them not only landed on vehicles but also on the road.

"Please take note, drivers. Even the overhead bridge is covered with trees."

According to Stomp contributor Lim, the heavy downpour caused the windows of his house to break and a window glass to shatter all over the first floor.

Another contributor Galen Lim also sent in a video of the storm, which he likened to a 'small tornado'.

Hail has also been spotted in Bukit Batok, Jurong and other western parts of Singapore.

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