Drama over Kitty: Police called in after man creates scene at queue

The Hello Kitty craze in Singapore has resulted in not just long queues, disappointed fans and scalpers, but also a dispute at this particular McDonald's outlet at Bukit Batok Central last night (Jun 26).

A video of the incident has gone viral after being uploaded on facebook.

According to an eyewitness, the dispute started after the man in white claimed that people in front had cut into his queue.

Said the eyewitness on facebook:

"The guy in white was queuing for Hello Kitty at Bukit Batok Central's McDonald's and claimed that people in front had jumped queue.

"So he asked the Mac managers at around 10.50pm how are they going to handle the situation, and are they going to issue coupons to those in the queue?

"Mac managers said there will be enough for everyone.

"At 11.30pm, Mac started handing out coupons to those in the queue and he didn't get the coupons.

"He was very unhappy and started abusing the management there, refusing to leave.

"He and a few others started queuing in front of the counter, bought a meal at midnight and demanded a Hello Kitty even though he didn't have the coupon.

"He keep shouting at the mangers, asking the manager (Siew Mei) to resign cause she f**ked things up.

"The poor manager really kenna left right center from him, so poor thing."

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