Black Hello Kitty, Gordon Ramsay & the end of the world

The Singing Bone Hello Kitty is the sixth and last character in McDonald's fairy tales-themed Hello Kitty series. The other kitty personas include the Little Red Riding Hello Kitty and the Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty.

SINGAPORE - It's the end of the world.

And it's not because of the apocalyptic haze that shrouded Singapore two weeks ago.

It's also not because after the apocalyptic haze, apocalyptic hail pelted my sister's Korean language classroom in Jurong on Tuesday.

It's also not because Gordon Ramsay is coming to Singapore.

Last week, the Hell's Kitchen star accepted SingTel's challenge to a hawker food cook-off in a YouTube video.

I'm surprised the British chef even knows what the term "hawker food" means.

I'm less surprised that The New Paper reported that some of the local hawkers shortlisted for the cook-off didn't know who Ramsay was.

To help these uninitiated hawkers get ready for Ramsay, let me say: "YOUR FOOD TASTES LIKE REGURGITATED DOG ****! IT'S NOT EVEN FIT FOR THE GARBAGE! GET BACK ON YOUR STATION, YOU DONKEY!"

You're welcome.

As Ramsay tweeted about coming to Singapore: "It's going to be intense!"

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