Kovan double murder: Husband, son murdered while she went to supermarket

The elderly man killed in his Kovan house had left his automobile shop exceptionally early on the day he was murdered, reported Shin Min Daily.

In an article, Shin Min reported that Tan Boon Sin, 70, often left work past 7pm. On July 10 however, he left his Kaki Bukit office at about 1pm or 2pm. There is some speculation that Mr Tan had been told of something happening and rushed home because of it, Shin Min said.

His widow, who is believed to have been out grocery shopping at the time of the murders, returned to her home at around 4pm to find the police at her house. It was then that she realised her husband had died.

Neighbours said they saw her carrying bags as she alighted from a taxi. As her husband's car was nowhere in sight, the woman thought that he had gone out. She even called her husband on his phone but was unable to reach him.

It was only after she identified herself to police officers that she found out about the tragedy. She then broke down and wept uncontrollably.

According to the report, Tan Boon Sin and his wife had two sons and a daughter. Their eldest son, Tan Zhi Xiang, 42, was also killed after being dragged for 1km by a runaway Toyota Camry.

Neighbours told the Chinese daily that Tan Zhi Xiang was married to an air stewardess. They have 2 sons, aged 3 and 10.

Although he did not live with his parents, he visited them at the Kovan house 2 to 3 times every week.

He was described as a friendly person, and owned a business in Macpherson selling electronic parts.

Mr Tan Boon Sin's daughter would also return every week to help with the house chores, while their youngest son lives and works in Indonesia.

Shin Min said that Tan's 3-year-old grandson does not have a clue that his father and grandfather are no longer alive.

Relatives were said to be heartbroken when the young child happily exclaimed that many visitors had come to the house. Unknown to him is the fact that these visitors had come to mourn the tragic deaths of his father and grandfather.


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