In defence of the new NDP song

NOT BAD: A screen grab from the video of this year's National Day song, One Singapore.

SINGAPORE - Here we go again. Again.

It seems that every year around this time, just as the annual Great Singapore Sale comes to a close, it's open season on the new National Day theme song.

Like the parade, fireworks and Gurmit Singh yelling at NDP spectators to "make some noise", hating the new National Day song has also become a great annual Singapore tradition.

Remember how the video for Love At First Light was mocked last year?

This year's song, One Singapore, appears to have transcended tradition and achieved a whole new level of loathsomeness.

The Straits Times' headline, "National Day song hits a few sour notes", is the definition of understatement.

The New Paper's headline was more to the point: "Netizens slam NDP 2013 song".

One common complaint is that it's cheesy. That's like complaining that cheese is cheesy.

It's a National Day song! It's supposed to be cheesy!

What do you want? Lyrics about staying up all night to get lucky?

Another criticism is that the song, sung joyously by a choir of 68 Singaporeans, seems to be aimed at very young people.

So I asked two very young people I know - my kids - what they thought of the song.

My son, 16, said: "I hear High School Musical with a Singaporean twist. It's almost better than the Fun Pack Song, but that's not really saying much. The lyrics also don't seem to fit the melody, not poetic at all. The rap lyrics especially. Do I hear the word 'recess'?"

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