It is easy to do and makes for a healthy and nutritious meal. -ST

Even now, I can taste the layers of velvety cake sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate. -ST
While at lunch last week at Pek Kio Food Centre, I found myself drawn to a made-to-order chee cheong fun stall. -ST
Although their burgers cost more than the average burger, they sell more than a thousand burgers daily during Ramadan. -The Star/ANN
Does packaging and the idea of mountain spring water from overseas play a bigger part in our choices? -ST
The cafe has prompted a groundswell of anger from foreigners as well as Indonesians. -AFP
Chinese media did a check and found that ice cubes of two fast-food outlets in Beijing had more bacteria than toilet water. -Asia Report
Eateries with similar names are confusing, and diners make wrong reservations or go to the wrong place. -ST
Prepare your very own TNP Party Punch at home using special concoction. -TNP
Malaysia's oldest colonial-themed eatery expands, possibly to S'pore. -ST