Customers pack hundreds of Ikea meatballs in takeaway boxes

SINGAPORE - Ikea Singapore has resumed selling its meatballs today after temporarily halting sales last Tuesday.

Sales of meatballs in Singapore were stopped pending DNA test results after Czech authorities detected horse meat in a batch of Ikea meatballs from Sweden. The meatballs in Singapore were from a supplier in Australia, while the halal ones are from a local supplier.

To mark their return, the meatballs are sold at 10 cents a piece today until 10pm.

At the Tampines store around 10am, most were seen ordering the meatballs in batches of 20, while several others made larger orders of 50 to 200 meatballs.

Two female teenagers ordered 100 meatballs to share among 6 other friends who came down at 10am.

Several groups of people were also spotted packing large orders of meatballs into takeaway boxes. A photo sent to citizen journalism site Stomp showed customers packing meatballs and potatoes into separate containers.

"People are queuing and storing them in large container boxes... This is at the Tampines branch," said Stomp contributor Malcolm who sent in the photo. He added that middle-aged women were also seen buying hundreds of meatballs and packing them for their families.

Around 1pm, Ikea confirmed that they have stopped takeaway sales for both stores.

Queues at the Tampines store started at 9.30am, half an hour before the meatballs were planned to be sold. At 11.30am, the queue had grown out of the restaurant entrance towards the lift.

Assistant Manager for food and beverage at Ikea, Gary Chng said that they had ordered twice their usual amount to prepare for today's sales.

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