Malaysian football fans hack Singapore website

SINGAPORE - A Singapore website dealing with used cars - Singapore Cars Online - was hacked by a group of Malaysian hackers earlier today.

Calling themselves M43L Tro0pers, the hackers put a picture of Malaysia's national striker, Mohd Safee Mohd Sali, in the centre of the homepage.

They also included a message to Singapore fans. The hackers say they hacked into the website as they were angry at Singapore fans.

They accused Singapore fans of being "so rude" when Malaysia lost to Singapore in the recent World Cup qualifier matches.

The hackers also accused Singapore's Lions of "cheating" and "acting", and that they won because of their foreign players.

At the end of the hate message to Singapore fans, the hackers left a message to the website owners:

"Don't worry, we didn't harm your database. We never stole and we never delete your database. We just paste and we just see and collected your database. You got pwned coz your server was opened to got hacked."

It is believed that two hackers, called 'Ar3z M43L Sr' and 'Ap3k M43L Jr', are responsible for the hacking. When users tried right-clicking on any of the subsections in the homepage, their names would appear.

In an email to citizen journalism website STOMP, a netizen said their Manglish (Malaysian English) was embarrassing.

Another netizen said the hacking of the Singapore website is yet another reason why Singapore rejoining the Malaysia Cup is a bad idea.

The netizen, who calls himself 'Zerocool', said:

"Haven't we had enough? This is yet another reason why we should not rejoin the Malaysia Cup, because it shows that this type of animosity between Singaporeans and Malaysians can be expressed openly.

"It's definitely not a healthy trend we're seeing. If they don't want us, then why are we crawling back to them?

"We should just forget about the Malaysian Cup. We don't need this nonsense."

A check at 4.50pm on Sunday evening showed that the motoring website was back to its original state.