Women's wushu team win gold - again by 0.01 pt

Two years ago, the Singapore women's wushu dulian team won gold at the Vientiane South-east Asia Games by a slim 0.01 point.

Yesterday, the team - with two of the same members as the 2009 team - retained their title in Jakarta's Senayan Sports Complex Indoor Tennis Hall.

The winning margin? The same 0.01 point.

Indeed, the trio of Tao Yi Jun, Tay Yu Juan and Emily Sin - who were crowned world champions last month in Turkey - scored 9.71 points to edge out Brunei's Lee Ying Shi and Faustina Woo, who scored 9.70 points.

The wushu event, which pits the one-minute choreography of competing teams against each other, was a blur of rapid weapon thrusts and acrobatic flips that thrilled the crowd at the arena.

Immediately after their victory, the two veterans of the team, Tay and Tao, said that they are contemplating retiring from the sport to concentrate on their careers.

Said Tay, 21, an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University: "For the past few years, I've dedicated myself to studies and training. It's time for me to stop training and focus on completing my studies."

Added Tao, 26, a maths and physics teacher at Maris Stella High School: "It's great that we are retiring on a high note, and that we have Emily here who is young and talented enough to carry the flame."

Emily, 17, merely wanted to enjoy the moment. Said the Hwa Chong Junior College student: "It still feels like a dream to me, to win a gold medal in my first Games. I have to thank my two veteran teammates for helping me fulfil this dream.

"It was tough initially to fit into the team's choreography, but Yi Jun and Yu Juan have shown great patience with me."

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