More S'poreans linked to global match-fixing scandal

SINGAPORE - While the world seems fixated with Dan Tan Seet Eng, the man at the epicentre of match-fixing allegations in Europe, perhaps the focus should be on the "others".

That is the suggestion made by two European-based anti-corruption investigators.

Like Tan, the "others" are Singaporean and involved in the murky world of match-fixing, the investigators told The New Paper on TueSday.

While they might lurk in the shadows cast by the spotlight on Tan and Wilson Raj Perumal, their exploits are known to those who have followed their trail.

One of the investigators, who wanted to be known only as John, said: "With the spotlight trained on Singapore and Dan Tan's syndicate, it deflects the glare on others doing the same fixing globally.

"These Singaporeans have been operating below the radar." Perhaps not for long.

Europol's statement two days ago that 680 matches worldwide were fixed by syndicate members based in Singapore could possibly put some heat on them.

John, who was involved in the global "kelong" probe after convicted match-fixer Wilson Raj was arrested in Finland in 2011, said: "Some of their activities are known to law enforcement agencies, yet they have not been exposed in the media.

"It's not accurate to say that Dan Tan was solely in control of all the fixes in Europe or other parts of the world. The others should also share the blame."

Another investigator, who declined to be named, said he believes there are about five major players, including financiers with their own group of runners as well as match-fixers.

TNP understands that these groups have been named in one way or another in global investigations. Reports have mentioned them operating in regions like Latin America, Africa, Asia, parts of the Middle East and Europe.

The investigator said: "We have photographed them at international friendlies and documented and verified their contacts with corrupt players and officials. We know them."

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