EPL fans stream matches live from US site

SINGAPORE - As Singtel and StarHub continue to wrangle over screening rights for the English Premier League (EPL), not everyone is waiting to see how it will pan out.

With the next season less than a month away, some fans are paying to stream matches online through a local Internet service provider (ISP).

Since last month, MyRepublic has been able to connect customers to United States-based video streaming site Fox Football 2Go using technology that tricks the site into thinking the customer is logging in from the US.

This makes it the second ISP here, after ViewQwest, to link users to video streaming sites with restricted access.

Fox Football 2Go, which offers a host of football content including EPL and Champions League, limits access to residents in regions such as the US.

Some savvy users in Singapore are bypassing such content restrictions through virtual private network (VPN) services, available online for as little as US$10 (S$12.60) a month. But they also need to tinker with router settings to accept the VPN, which is too complicated for most people.

MyRepublic does away with this hassle and embeds the settings into its broadband network.

The service, called Teleport, has been available since April for accessing video streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. All of MyRepublic's 12,000 broadband customers are on Teleport, a free add-on until the end of this year.

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