Hundreds of thousands out for London's gay pride

LONDON - Rainbow flags, colorful costumes and even a dog dyed pink ushered in London's 42nd gay pride festivities, with hundreds of thousands of people out for the annual celebration.

Around 15,000 marched in the parade through the British capital, with up to half a million revelers expected to celebrate in central London, according to organizers.

Celebrations are due to culminate in an open-air party in Trafalgar Square, with street celebrations in the gay district expected long into the night.

The annual party comes just weeks after British lawmakers approved gay marriage legislation, paving the way for the first expected ceremonies to take place in the spring of next year.

"By making this change ... parliament believes their love is the same as anyone else's love and that we believe in equality," Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron wrote in the official guide to the gay pride event.

Britain already recognises same-sex relationships via civil partnerships but the legal change will put gay couples on an equal footing, allowing them to use the term marriage alongside heterosexuals.

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