Tight pants banned for women in sharia-based West Aceh
Thu, May 27, 2010
The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network

JARKATA, INDONESIA - Gone are tight pants that feature the body curve of women in West Aceh regency as the regional government will enforce Thursday a bylaw on Islamic dress code as part of the sharia implementation in the Aceh regency.

Under the ordinance, adult women have to wear dresses or other clothes that do not depict their body parts. Tight pants and blouses, transparent clothes and short jilbab are declared haram, or forbidden under Islam.

"Aceh province has implemented sharia and we as the regional administration has been given a full authority to enforce the Islamic law, particularly when in comes to dress code," Regent Ramli Mansyur told Antara.

He said the local administration had provided 20,000 pieces of dress to be distributed to women caught in crackdowns on un-Islamic clothes. Offenders will be reprimanded, but if they commit the same mistakes three times the sharia officers will seize the tight clothes and ask them to wear dresses.

For males, shorts are banned in public places. They are required to wear loose-fit pants that will make them easy to perform their daily prayers. -The Jarkata Post/ANN






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  Tight pants banned for women in sharia-based West Aceh
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