Elderly woman breaks inconsiderate student's nose on bus
Sun, Jul 11, 2010
Photo: Internet

A 66-year-old Japanese woman was arrested for hitting a student repeatedly after refused to give up his seat for her on a bus.

The teenager suffered a broken nose as a result of the attack, which occurred in Nagasaki, Japan, reported the telegraph.co.uk.

Tamiko Masuta, 66, the manager of an apartment complex, was arrested after assaulting the teenager with her umbrella.

According to media reports, witnesses said Masuta got into a bus and found the student, 18, occupying one of two seats designated for senior citizens.

She became furious when the student did not offer her the seat and began assaulting the student by kicking and hitting him with the umbrella.

Reports also said this was not the first time Masuta had been questioned by police for the assault of a student on a bus.

She was let off with a verbal warning the last time.




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