Mon, Dec 27, 2010
The Korea Herald/Asia News Network
3 giant spaceships will attack Earth in 2012: researchers

A report by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in the United States said that there are three giant spaceships which are heading towards Earth.

According to the Russian Pravda news, the SETI, a non-commercial organization said that the largest one of the three spaceships is 240 kilometers wide, and the two others are smaller.

It further stated that currently, the objects are beyond the orbit of Pluto and will reach Earth in December 2012.

The report claims that the spaceships were detected by the HAARP search system, based in Alaska, which is designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights.

According to the SETI researchers the objects are nothing but extraterrestrial spaceships, and will be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they reach Mars' orbit, reported the Pravda news.






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