Audibly challenged man hawks self-made bread for living

PUCHONG, Selangor: Born in Cameron Highlands, Lim's parents found out that he was deaf while he was only one year old, as the toddler crawled away when they called out his name.

Upon discovery of this cruel reality, his parents sent him to a hospital for medical check-up immediately.

Lim's parents never gave up hope on him, but sent him to a special boarding school in Penang to study. In the absence of his parents' care, Lim managed to complete his studies and sat for the SPM.

Thanks to such a learning process, Lim is now able to read and write. He helped his father in the vegetable farm in Cameron Highlands, and worked in a factory.

At the suggestion of his uncle, Lim picked up the skills of making pastries in Ipoh and has found himself deeply in love with his new-found profession.

By using his own hands, Lim is now able to make delicious breads without having to rely upon anyone for a living. He feels glad looking at the satisfied if his customers after tasting his bread.

With the help of a friend, he managed to get a job at a bakery shop in Kuala Lumpur. Although he suffered unfair treatment due to his own deficiency, he accepted all the work assigned to him without any complaint and quit his job after some time.

Last November, he decided to rent a stall at a coffee shop in Puchong to sell bread made by other people with some help from his mother. He only started baking his only pastries for sale early this year with the hope that his income would increase. Lim spends more than four hours baking his bread every day, and sends it to his stall early morning with his mother.

Lim starts baking bread again after coming back from the stall at about four in the afternoon. He feels happy being able to do all these for his wife and son despite the fact that it is actually a very exhausting and tiring job.

Met his wife at wedding dinner

After Lim met his wife, Kiu, at a wedding dinner, he decided to set up a family with her.

With the help of her colleagues, Kiu manages to help lighten the family burden. Besides paying for monthly home mortgages, the couple also have to pay their son's nursery fees as well. Now, Kiu is having their second baby.

Lim's mother Madam Chung has never given up hope on her son even though he is audibly challenged. Now helping her son in his bakery business, she also spends some time picking up the sign language in order to learn to communicate with him. Sometimes, they will communicate by writing down their words on a piece of paper if they find it too difficult to understand each other.

Thumbs-up from customers

Madam Chung feels reassured that her son is now pretty skillful in baking bread. Today Lim boast many regular customers who have got addicted to his bread.

Madam Chung said her son was quite frustrated when encountered customers who left angrily because he did not respond to them and thought he was a foreign worker.

As a mother, she has tried her best to help her son to ensure that his self-made bread business is able to grow healthily, adding that she has strived to serve as a role model for her son and give him all the confidence he needs to carry on with his life.