Edison Chen breaks silence on lewd photos
Mon, Feb 04, 2008
The Straits Times

HONG KONG, CHINA – Singer-actor Edison Chen spoke for the first time since the media storm over sexually explicit Web photos purportedly of him and other stars erupted last Sunday.

On his blog www.clotinc.com, Chen, said to be in the United States, told the media off for saying he would retaliate, ostensibly over the scandal.

Pictures have appeared on the Web showing Chen, singer Gillian Chung, actress Cecilia Cheung and former singer-actress Bobo Chan partially nude or in sexually suggestive poses.

Newspapers had earlier picked up an entry on Chen’s blog dated Feb 1, which showed pictures of him posing with a gun in his upcoming film The Sniper.

The media took his accompanying “profile” statement, “edc is edison chen... hate the game and dun hate the player... i am all bout unity... but if u ****s wid me i gotsa **** wid u...”, to be his comment on the recent scandal.

But Chen last Saturday said he was misquoted.

He said the “profile” statement had been on the blog since May and “it is not a challenge to anyone or anything... these are lyrics from a song that i really like”.

He added: “Yes, i have been silent and everyone thinks i am hiding but today there will be a press release and i hope u can all read from that and report the TRUTH.”

He concluded: “PLEASE GET YA FACTS STRAIGHT!! this is not a game, this is my life.”

Meanwhile, five men and two women aged between 23 and 30 were arrested over the weekend in connection with the Web photos, bringing the number of suspects nabbed to eight.

The seven were arrested on suspicion of violating obscene material laws, police said last Saturday.

A 29-year-old renovation worker, Chung Yik Tin, was arrested last Wednesday and charged with publishing obscene material last Friday.

Police also seized computers and discs that contained hundreds of pictures, including some that have never been circulated on the Internet.

Police said they “were very close” to arresting the sources of the photos.

Singtao Daily, citing a source close to the police, said Chen had sent his computer for repair last year to a company belonging to three of the arrested men, with the result that some 1,000 photos were leaked.

The police arrests have raised a debate on the Internet, with netizens speaking for Chung, who is being held without bail for eight weeks before the next hearing, and questioning if the police had made the arrest because the case involved celebrities.

Commissioner of Police Tang King Shing had also on Saturday warned that even possession of obscene photos might be illegal.

Lawmaker Leung Kwok Hung, along with about 20 netizens, yesterday protested at police headquarters, saying that possession did not mean uploading and the police action had blurred what is considered an offence.


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