Thu, Mar 19, 2009
Stephen Chow target of criticisms once again

Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Chow, 47, is no stranger to criticisms, especially from fellow actors and directors that he has worked with.

Veteran Hong Kong actor Law Kar-Ying, 63, had once said Chow is too "money-minded", while Sammo Hung was reported to have called him "inhumane" in his treatment of co-workers.

This time, the latest criticism has come from the vice-chairman of China Star Entertainment Group, Tiffany Chen, who is alleged to have exposed Chow's "evil ways" in an interview.

According to a report in my paper, she told reporters that working with Chow was a painful experience, and revealed that Chow once insisted actress Cecilia Cheung shave her head bald for a role, or demanded compensation of HK$3.5million (S$690,000).

To these criticisms, Chow remained unperturbed and is reported to have replied: "I don't mind, whatever."

In the light of such negative publicity, Stephen Chow has given his response through a spokesperson for his production company.

The spokesperson, Mr Wei, said Chow has always been unfazed by such news. According to Wei, he dismissed the negative publicity as a "misunderstanding".

However, Chow's unwillingness to address these rumours and criticisms in person have led to concern that his image may suffer as a result.

To this, Mr Wei replied: "We are not afraid of being misunderstood. Stephen Chow has always been focused on film-making, and not gossip-mongering."

Veteran actress: "Stephen Chow is a god!"

Chow's actions and behaviour has once again become a talking point. Actors Tin Kai Man, 48, and Lam Tze Chung, 33, - both who worked closely with Chow on his blockbuster hit, "Kungfu Hustle" - have described him as someone who is "completely isolated" from others.

However, Tin has said: "Many times, these rumours are created by others to sour relations."

In a recent televised interview, Tin was asked if Stephen Chow was a difficult person to get along with. He replied cryptically: "One must know one's position and agenda in his interaction with the other."

As to rumours that Sammo Hung had a falling-out with Chow on the set of Kungfu Hustle, resulting in Hung quitting the production, Tin said: "They did not quarrel on-set. However, Hung did express his displeasure at the change in direction of the action sequences."

Veteran HK actress Kingdom Yuen, 47, who has worked with Chow numerous times, had a fresh take to the allegations.

She responded laughingly: "Actually, Stephen Chow is not human, he is a god! Therefore, how can normal humans like us ever understand his way of thinking?"

However, she admitted she felt moments of stress and "low self-esteem" when working with Chow, but acknowledged Chow as someone who is always "far ahead of himself and others".


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