Mon, Feb 01, 2010
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Three Brooms for Zhang Yimou

Lin and Jay in The Treasure Hunter

Chinese director Zhang Yimou's latest movie A Simple Noodle Story is voted one of the three Most Disappointing Film in China last year.

The other two movies were Lu Chuan's City of Life and Death; and Jay Chou's The Treasure Hunter.

Zhang also shared the Most Disappointing Director awards with Lu in the inaugural Golden Broom Awards.

The awards, compiled by premier film review magazine Youth Film Handbook, was announced in Beijing on Saturday.

It is the Chinese version of the Hollywood's Golden Raspberry Awards organised, which highlights the worst movies, actors and actresses in the Chinese film industry.

The event also announced Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling the Most Disappointing Actress for her role in The Treasure Hunter while Xiao Shenyang - the lead actor in A Simple Noodle Story - was the Most Disappointing Actor.

Although A Simple Noodle Story received many critics from film reviewers, it was one of the box offices in China.

Cheng Qingsong, editor-in-Chief of the magazine told Xin Hua Agency that the awards were decided by Internet Users and 20 independent film critics by assessing the literary text of the films.

"The awards are initiated to sweep lousy films off the screen in the country," said Cheng, adding the trophies (brooms) would be mailed to the winners.

-The Daily Chilli/Asia News Network

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