Tue, Dec 14, 2010
Jackie's daughter: "Where's my father?"
"Where's my father?"
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Elaine Ng Yi Lei, who had an affair with movie star Jackie Chan 11 years ago, told Hong Kong's Ming Pao Weekly that their daughter has been asking where her father is.

The ex-Miss Asia 1990 sent shockwaves through the Chinese showbusiness industry when she revealed that she was pregnant with the star's daughter.

She described her daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, as being an energetic and mischievous girl who was not shy around adults.

Friends of Etta have told her that her father was Jackie Chan, although the girl herself does not know the truth yet.

Ng says she will tell her daughter what really happened when she feels that the girl is ready.

She said she has never regretted the past incident, describing herself as young and eager to win at that time, although she wouldn't want her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

She has also taught her daughter to be content with what she has, and to stop comparing herself with others.

Just a front?

Other media reports have speculated that her sudden revelations is due to insufficient maintenance fees from Jackie Chan, as well as trying to publicise her upcoming four-day solo art exhibition in Shanghai.

However, Ng made sure in her interviews with the media to quell rumous that she is out to fish for more child support from Jackie Chan. 

Ng also revealed that she previously had advertisers approaching her and her daughter to take part in advertisements for up to S$800,000. She had declined, saying that she wanted her daughter to have a normal childhood and not lose her innocence.

The mother-daughter pair made their magazine cover debut over the weekend, their first media appearance in over a decade.

Jackie Chan reportedly gives S$70,000 to the mother-daughter pair monthly. He also gave them S$600,000 when they moved to Shanghai.

"Happiest and luckiest man on Earth"

The Straits Times had previously reported that Jackie Chan was happy his friends and fans were standing by him when the scandal broke.

He claimed to be the happiest and luckiest man on Earth after a show of support from people all over the world, when the media chastised him for refusing to confirm if Elaine Ng's baby was his.

Chan also said that although he was a playboy, he wasn't a cad.


February, 1999: Jackie attends a movie premiere with Elaine Ng. Both are seen holding on to each other and smiling.

April 7, 1999: Elaine Ng organises a birthday party for Jackie Chan.

May, 1999: Elaine Ng announces the baby's conception date.

June, 1999: Elaine Ng flies to Canada to meet Jackie Chan. He films in the day, they meet at night in the hotel.

October, 1999: Elaine tells the media that she is pregnant with Jackie Chan's baby and shocks the showbiz industry.

November, 1999: Jackie admits at a press conference, "I have done something wrong. I have done something which all men in the world will have done wrong, all because I'm playful. If the baby is mine, I will bear full responsibility."

Jackie Chan is currently married to actress Lin Feng-chiao. He has never admitted that Etta is his daughter, although he has acknowledged his affair with Elaine Ng.

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