Raymond Lam's ex Mavis Pan is married

Chinese model-actress Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang, who was Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam's ex-girlfriend, is married, reported The Daily Chilli.

According to a netizen, she wed a Caucasian man known only as John in 2009, and their relationship got started with the help of Malaysian singer-songwriter, Eric Moo.

John, who has a six-year-old son, was said to have fallen in love with Pan at first sight after her met her by chance at a supermarket. The couple dated briefly before John decided to surprise Pan on her 22nd birthday by proposing to her.

John sought the help of Moo to write a proposal song, which moved Pan to tears. She agreed to marry him on April 3.

Raymond Lam
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The netizen also quoted some lines from Moo's earlier blog post about writing the song.

Moo had apparently blogged: "I received a telephone call recently, he said he is John, wished that I could write a proposal song for him because he has fallen in love with a Chinese girl…" and that he had not immediately agreed to write the song, but decided to go ahead after considering as he was " touched by the romance and love of him and Shuangshuang."

The song, entitled 'Wei Wo Men Pi Shang Jia Yi" which translates to "Put On The Wedding Dress For Us", was released two months later, and the love story between John and Pan was widely publicised, according to archived articles.

Moo had admitted to writing the proposal song for John, but denied being acquainted with Pan.

Pan was a C-class artiste in showbiz before compromising photos of Lam and her trysts were leaked. The 24-year-old has since been accused of making use of Lam to get publicity as scandalous stories surfaced over the span of one week.

Rumours are arife that Lam and Pan, whose voluptuous figure earned her the nickname of "Little Shu Qi", went separate ways because Pan got married.