TV host Quan Yi Feng charged with mischief

TELEVISION host Quan Yi Feng was charged in court yesterday with two counts of mischief and one count of using criminal force on a taxi driver almost a year ago.

According to court documents - which named her as Chuan Yi Fong - she is accused of pushing cabby Chan Swee Kong, 53, on his chest and attempting to kick him, in an incident on June 26 last year.

The 37-year-old also allegedly kicked the right rear passenger door of the ComfortDelGro taxi, causing damage amounting to $107.

She is also said to have damaged the taxi fare meter and the printer for receipts, causing damage amounting to $69.55.

The incident happened about 8.40am at the junction of Upper East Coast Road and Bedok South Avenue 1.

Quan is a popular MediaCorp TV host who is best known for being a glib and eloquent talker.

On the morning of the incident, she was on her way to Changi Airport for an overseas assignment and was with her daughter, then aged 11, and a male personal assistant.

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