Glenn Ong, Jean Danker's wedding on hold

SINGAPORE - They were on the brink of calling off their engagement last month.

But it wasn't because Class 95FM deejays Glenn Ong and Jean Danker had fallen out of love.

It was the pressure from well-wishers to set a wedding date that had taken a toll on their relationship.

The message they want to send out?

Please don't ask us when the big day's going to be anymore.

The pair has been dating for three-and-a-half years, and got engaged in June last year.

Things came to a head when they were at a fitting for bride and groom outfits last month for a photoshoot for the cover of a local bridal magazine.

Danker, 34, told The New Paper: "The gowns were beautiful. Then I was like oh-oh, we were jumping the gun. I panicked a bit.

"I had sweaty palms. The vision that was running through my head was that of the wedding, and it was just too overwhelming.

"I was imagining the wedding guest list, and the entire event seemed to be like a PR exercise with so many parties involved."

The Bambi-eyed deejay revealed that between herself and Ong, she has "always been the private one".

She added: "I am a people-pleaser but to go ahead with the wedding when the time is not right would be doing it for the wrong reasons."

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