Fans chase him as he goes for a jog

He's a wanted man.

So much so that during a night jog around Marina Bay Sands, he was forced to run faster.

Actor Song Joong Ki had arrived in Singapore last week to hold his first fan meeting here last Sunday night.

On Friday night, he was enjoying his run when two fans who were in a taxi caught sight of him from afar.

What the girls did next would have impressed the contestants of reality TV series, The Amazing Race.

They hopped out of their taxi and gave chase, forcing Song to pick up the pace.

Said the Korean at a media conference at Square2 mall on Saturday: "That was very thrilling for me.

"When I saw them coming, I had to run even faster (so that they couldn't catch up with me)."

Having excited girls chasing him during an exercise session isn't the only thing that the boyish actor has come to associate with his Singapore fans.

On his previous trip here, for the Mnet Asian Music Awards last year, he was suitably impressed by a gift of bak kwa from a starry-eyed supporter.

Song described how he liked the taste of the local delight and shared the big box of roasted pork slices with his entourage as there was plenty to go around.

He said: "I wish I could meet that same fan again so that I can thank her properly."

During this latest visit to Singapore, the actor took time out to have lunch with children from Club Rainbow, a charity committed to providing comprehensive help to children who are suffering from chronic illnesses.

And he surprised and thrilled his fans when he met them after the media conference.

Sixty-two of his ardent supporters had bought top-tier tickets worth $188 and $158 each to attend yesterday's fan meeting and get an autographed poster each from him.

But Song had said on Saturday he would give them each a hug as well.

He said: "I want to give something really special to the fans."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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