Jiro Wang says Fahrenheit not over despite solo moves

If Fahrenheit heartthrob Jiro Wang has his way, the Taiwanese boy band would follow in the footsteps of SMAP, one of the longest running acts in J-pop, despite each member's solo endeavours-and never mind Wu Chun's exit from Fahrenheit or rumours of feuding between the remaining members or talk of the group disbanding.

"I would love for us to be like SMAP and to still have concerts after 20 years in," he told Daily Chilli recently when he came to Malaysia to perform at the Golden Awards 2012 and promote his first solo rock album, What Are You Waiting For?.

Fahrenheit hasn't made a new record since Super Hot in 2010, and "Fahrenheit Forever" became a distant dream for fans when Wu Chun, arguably its most popular singer, left the group last year to become a movie star.

Though the remaining members-Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen and Jiro-have continued as a trio, they have spent more time carving their own careers in drama, music and hosting.

Last year, Aaron-the youngest of the lot-was the first to release a solo EP, The Next Me.

Jiro followed suit last month.

Meanwhile, Calvin has established himself as the host of MTV's JKPOP and starred in the Chinese idol drama When Love Walked In with Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi and f(x)'s Victoria Song.

According to pop watchers, this along with alleged beef between the boys could destroy the most popular group in Mandopop after F4-to which Jiro responds: "I admire the media's patience for repeating the same questions, so I would answer them no matter what."

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