Hyuna too sexy for K-pop, gets rated R

S. KOREA - 4minute's Hyuna is starting to feel the heat of the solo spotlight after the video for her single, Ice Cream, was flagged with an R rating in South Korea due to her "skimpy outfits", "suggestive movements" during the choreography and other "provocative scenes", as reported by South Korean media.

Meanwhile, another song that she wrote herself for her new album has been banned from two South Korean radio stations.

Since its release on 22nd October, the Ice Cream video has been viewed almost 20 million times on 4minute's YouTube channel. According to K-pop watchers, this is a record that ties with Girls' Generation's The Boys, making Hyuna the second act to amass such a large number in the time she has.

Meanwhile, influential UK newspaper The Guardian ran a commentary on Hyuna, describing her as the artiste likely to follow in Psy's footsteps. Their link is further cemented in the Ice Cream video-Psy makes a cameo appearance as payback for Hyuna popping up in his Gangnam Style video.

However, following the R rating for Ice Cream, another song from her second album has sparked controversy for being censored by two major South Korean broadcasting companies.

A PR rep from Hyuna's agency, Cube Entertainment, said that both KBS and MBC had decided to block the airing of Very Hot, her first self-composed song. The boards' decision reportedly came due to lyrics that mention the name of a South Korean social networking software, Kakao Talk.

News of the ban came just days before the release of the album, Melting. The PR added that Hyuna hasn't decided if she will edit the lyrics to lift the ban.

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