Singapore wins 1st runner-up at Mister International pageant

BANGKOK - Mister International 2012 saw Singapore's Ron Teh win first runner-up.

He was also voted Most Popular by the Thai public in the competition that was shown live from the Esplanade Theatre in Bangkok on Nov 24.

The winner of Mister International 2012 is 23-year-old businessman from Beirut, Ali Hammoud, who once played for the Lebanese national football team. He has made history for his country by becoming the second Lebanese to win the Mister International title in seven years.

Ron, 23, is a student at SIM-UOL and a competitive basketball player. He has also modelled for numerous designers such as Abercrombie & Fitch. He hopes to pursue an acting career in Taiwan.

Ron won the 2012 Mister Singapore pageant on Oct 26 at Zirca that gained him the opportunity to represent the country at the Mister International pageant.

He will asssume the duties of Mister International 2012 if Ali, for some reason, cannot fulfil his responsibilities.

The two-hour event saw contestants from nearly 40 countries compete in three categories - swimwear, evening wear and the interview segment.

The second runner-up is Mister Slovenia Marko Sobot, third runner-up is Mister Brazil Ricardo Magryino, and fourth runner-up is Mister Slovak Republic Jan Haraslin.

Last year's winner was Mister Brazil Cesar Curti.

The Mister International pageant is dedicated to partnering with charities around the world, and to increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle.

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