SBS to increase pay of bus drivers by 16%

SINGAPORE - SBS Transit bus drivers will get a 16 per cent pay increase from next month onwards, reported the Shin Min Daily News.

Their basic pay will be raised to $1,600, up from $1,375 which was previously reported.

Including overtime pay and allowances, a bus driver will be able to earn an average monthly salary of $2,250 in a year. 

According to a statement from SBS Transit, the salary increase will take effect from May onwards.

A spokesperson added that it is hoped the monetary increase will attract more people to take up the job, as with the new measures to be implemented, more bus drivers will be needed.

The news comes after this year's Budget speech in February, where Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stated plans to boost bus capacity by about 800 buses over the next five years to reduce crowding and waiting times.

To do this, the Government will be giving a $1.1 billion package to public transport operators to provide new bus services and improve existing ones.

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