Man who pushed elderly woman blames behaviour on depression

The man who pushed a 76-year-old woman off a stationary bus on Tuesday, is claiming that he suffers from depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and Asperger's syndrome.

The New Paper (TNP) reported yesterday that Alex Ong, 25, was angry at an elderly woman for pressing the bell button too late, causing the bus to stop a distance away from the bus bay.

Mr Ong posted several posts on his Facebook and blog yesterday expressing remorse over his actions onboard bus service 167.

In these online posts, he asks for the public to assess the situation by putting themselves in his shoes.

His behaviour, he says, can be attributed to an unhappy childhood and emotional instability. He also claims to be on medication for clinical depression, diagnosed in 2009.

The New Paper reported that he had shouted at the woman, telling her not to press the bell at the last minute, and she replied by telling him that it was none of his business.

Mr Ong then approached the woman and raised his arm, threatening to hit her. He eventually pushed her out of the door after yelling, 'This is not your bus.'

A fellow commuter, who filmed the incident on his mobile phone, told TNP that Mr Ong had a sudden change of attitude after the bus driver informed him that the police had been called.

He said to the woman, "I'm very sorry for my actions, but you should've heeded my advice and not shouted at me."

The video clip has attracted more than 336,000 views since it was posted online on June 6.


Mr Ong expressed regret over the incident in several Facebook posts after netizens lambasted him for hurting an elderly lady.

In the posts, he reiterated that he had not deliberately wanted to hurt the elderly lady, and that he had not stopped worrying about her since the incident.

He also asked for the public to empathise with him, writing, "Do any of you really, truly know what it is like to be in my shoes? Really?".

In a posting on his blog, which has since been locked with a password, Mr Ong also claims that the stress of looking for a job had gotten to him.

Having been unemployed for more than six months, his emotional instability had gotten worse as he was also battling several "psychological issues".

When he contacting TNP to give his side of the story, Mr Ong said, "I am looking for jobs now, and I'm planning to reply to an e-mail about a job offer. But I don't know what they are thinking of me now."

Despite several attempts at explaining his behaviour, many netizens seem divided on whether Mr Ong is just creating excuses and seeking public sympathy.

Mr Ong told TNP in an interview that he has even gone to the police over a threatening comment sent to him via Facebook.

Alex Ong could face charges for voluntarily causing hurt and is now aiding the police with investigations.

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