Amy Cheong issues statement of apology, says no racism intended

SINGAPORE - The former assistant director of NTUC membership who was let go for her racially insensitive remarks made on Facebook has released a formal statement of apology to the media.

In the four-paragraph long statement, she said that she is "terribly sorry to all who were affected emotionally, mentally and in all other aspects."

She acknowledged that she is aware of the pain she has caused through her insensitive remarks and asked for the public to view her as a person offering her most sincere apology.

"There was no racism intended in my post. I was trying to rest and the noise was affecting me greatly. However, I do understand that this is not a valid reason to post what I did," she said.

"I was wrong and am repentant," she said.

She added that as soon as she realised that her post had affected Singaporeans, she had promptly taken it down and issued an apology through her Facebook and Twitter accounts in hope that people would see her "immediate genuine regret."

Her Twitter apology had said: "Hi All, It was a silly comment. It was not meant to be 'racist' comment and I do apologise for any distress it has caused."

"The postings on this site are my own and do not represent any organisation I am associated with."

She also said: "After this episode, i have realised how one generic post can create so many hurtful and cruel posts from strangers." She had also used Whatsapp to apologise, she said.

She ended her statement by asking the public to find it in their hearts to forgive her for her mistake.

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