JTC looking at plan for underground science city

An artist's impression of a science city located underground. The feasibility study found it could house up to 4,200 professionals.

SINGAPORE - Singapore's first underground science city could have 40 linked rock caverns for research and development (R&D) facilities and data centres, a feasibility study has found.

These would be located under Kent Ridge Park in the west and up to 4,200 scientists, researchers and other professionals could work in them.

Some findings of the study - commissioned by the Government in 2009 and completed in March this year - were presented here last week during the 13th World Conference of Associated Research Centres for Urban Underground Space.

Experts at the event said other underground projects were feasible here, including a landfill to contain about 40 years' worth of rubbish.

Two papers from the science-city study presented last week focused on the technical feasibility and did not estimate cost.

Asked about the project's future, a spokesman for government industrial landlord JTC Corporation said it is studying the findings.

In 1999, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) studied the possibility of an underground science city which would connect three above-ground science parks in the area.

Although it concluded it was possible and published a report in 2001, the idea did not pick up steam until 2008 when JTC said it was exploring concepts for an underground science city and an underground warehouse.

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