Woman who was raped twice becomes pregnant after being gang-raped

SINGAPORE - He calls her "love" and she responds with "my baby".

She is, he says, both his mother and father. He is, she says, her light out of the darkness.

But beneath this love which mother and son share lies a sordid secret that few, except for immediate family and very close friends, know.

He is no love child, but one who was conceived after she was raped by at least three men. She was so drunk that she cannot remember exact details.

Not that she wants to.

It's a past that Alexis tries not to revisit, she admits readily in an interview with The New Paper on Sunday.

"I have moved on with my life," says the 49-year-old administrator and part-time security guard. Her son is now 20.

We are not using the woman's real name to protect her identity, and that of her son. It is also against the law to identify rape victims in Singapore.

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