Police report filed against pastor

SINGAPORE - A police report has been filed against the pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, Mr Yang Tuck Yoong, over comments he made about the gay community last week.

Researcher Scott Teng, 29, lodged the report on Thursday night over a post Mr Yang made last Saturday on his church's website, saying it was "an incitement of violence".

Originally titled Firing The First Salvo, Mr Yang asked church members to prepare for a "war" on the issue of homosexuality. He also urged the church to be "battle ready". Mr Yang later changed the title to Times and Seasons and removed references to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

He clarified earlier this week that he had been using "spiritual terms" that some misconstrued.

Mr Teng said on Thursday that he was "appalled and worried that there might be followers who would take his words literally and get physically violent with the LGBT". He added that Mr Yang's post is "something that I see as an incitement of violence towards another community, and hence I filed the police report".

Mr Teng said he is gay but not part of any gay rights group.

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