Lack of motorbike spaces in carpark
Fri, Jul 23, 2010
my paper

I WISH to draw attention to the lack of parking spaces for motorcycles in a Housing Board carpark.

The largest HDB multi-storey carpark in Sembawang estate is located at SB15, and is eight-storey high.

However, parking spaces for motorcycles are available at only the lowest two decks, with 148 spaces in total.

There are no red parking spaces, denoting season-parking spaces, for motorbikes.

On most nights, the lack of space leads to some owners leaving their bikes at "No Parking" zones or double-yellow lines.

They risk getting a summons.

Compare this carpark with another multi-storey carpark at Block 508. There, 204 spaces are available for motorbikes in the six-deck carpark, on every deck. Red spaces for those vehicles are provided on the lowest two decks.

It seems that the distribution of parking spaces at SB15 is unbalanced.

Besides that, it is unfair for season-parking holders who own motorbikes to find that coupon users have occupied all the parking spaces at night.

Do motorbike owners have to pay for offences they are forced to make?



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