RC explains Gardens by the Bay ticket-sale hiccup

We thank Ms Jerica Cho for her feedback in "Resident sees red over sale of tickets by RC" (my paper, Aug 15), on the sale of tickets to Gardens by the Bay organised by the Clementi Zone 2 Residents' Committee (RC).

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the resident volunteer was unable to open the RC Centre at Block 343 in Clementi Avenue 5 on time to sell the tickets.

The RC was not the only one in the Clementi Division that was organising tours to Gardens by the Bay, and the sale of tickets at Block 379 was organised by the Clementi Zone 1 RC.

We have since contacted Ms Cho to apologise for the inconvenience caused to her mother and to clarify the matter.

We hope that she will continue to participate in our events, and would like to assure residents that the RC will continue to organise courses and activities for them to come together, interact and bond as one community.


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