Escalator shut down for safety

The following is a letter to my paper.

SINGAPORE - We refer to Mr David Kwok's letter, "Don't shut down escalator at Tanjong Pagar Station" (My Paper, Oct 12).We would like to explain that there are occasions when a station escalator has to be shut down for safety reasons.

At Tanjong Pagar Station, which has six escalators, two lifts and steps leading to street level, our station staff may shut down the escalator leading to Exit A if there is a crowd at the escalator exit area seeking shelter from the rain and obstructing the flow of commuters from the escalator.

We would like to stress the importance of adhering to escalator safety guidelines, including immediately moving clear of the escalator exit area, so that passengers behind can step off promptly and safely when exiting the escalator.

Mr Humphrey Sew
Corporate Marketing and Communications
SMRT Corporation

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