Wed, Apr 22, 2009
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Male couple put HDB void deck sex video online

By Benson Ang

FIRST, a nude couple were caught on camera sauntering down a street at Holland Village.

Now, photos have emerged of two men engaging in sex acts in a lift and the area around the lift landing.

Posted on blogs since early this year, the indecent pictures show two naked men performing various sex acts.

The pictures are said to be screenshots taken from three video clips.

What they did in public is so lewd and so graphic that one could label them bad, bold and ugly.

The incident took place in a lighted lift and along the corridor at the lift landing - apparently in the dead of night.

No members of the public were spotted in the footage.

The authorities have confirmed that the lift belongs to a public housing block.

To be sure, such acts by perverse individuals are few and far between.

But some are asking if it is time for the majority to speak up, lest others start getting bolder.

Most people interviewed were outraged by the public nature of the men's acts of indecency.

Many netizens who saw the pictures were appalled by the audacity of the two men and disgusted by the graphic content.

Some said the men were sick in the head while others said the pictures were stomach-turning.

'I can't believe that this is happening in a HDB vicinity. I really don't understand these guys, what kind of thoughts are going through their minds? ' said one anonymous viewer.

However, some felt that these netizens were overreacting.

A site visitor who went by the name of Krado said: 'No one is forcing you to view (such) pictures.'

Bad name

Mr Jan Koh, 29, a manager, felt the pictures gave homosexuals a bad name.

'This is just one instance where two men break the law but people will see it as reflective of all homosexuals,' he said.

'It won't be fair that one act should stereotype all homosexuals as being exhibitionists.'

Several visitors to one of the blogs that posted the pictures requested for links to the video.

Lawyers said the men could be prosecuted under various sections of the Penal Code and one psychiatrist wondered if they wanted the thrill of doing it in public and getting away with it.

For many, the issue was that the sexual acts occurred in a public area, not so much the gender of the perpetrators.

A blog visitor by the name of Todoshi said: 'I think the main issue here is not about guys having sex. It's about guys having sex in public.

'I definitely do not want to see any form of sexual intercourse (no matter the gender) at my void deck.'

Mrs Wennie Chia, 31, was disgusted that the acts were performed at a public housing estate.

She said: 'Such things should only be done in discreet places, like a hotel room.

'It will be so wrong if a child were to witness it, adding to the fact that it's two men,' said the mother of a 3-year-old son.

Polytechnic student Ryan Chia, 18, felt these acts could not be condoned.

He said: 'The fact that it involves two men and in a public area makes it twice as bad.'

Others blamed the erosion of Asian values.

Businesswoman Rose Chomil, 46, said: 'Youngsters nowadays have become so influenced by Western culture that they think it's okay to do this in public, but it's not.

'As Asians, we should keep our tradition of being conservative and not become public with everything.'

Ms Chomil added: 'This is a housing area, with families walking around. The children may see this. The men should definitely be punished or shamed for doing such an act in public.'

All the people the New Paper spoke to said that they would be just as outraged if it had been a man and a woman.

Miss Cho Chui Wai, 26, an undergraduate, said: 'The issue here is not that they're gay. But rather, if they want to do something like this, get a room, don't use the lift or stairway landing.

'Even if they were heterosexuals, it's still gross. Imagine the shock of stumbling on them.'

Miss Cho said she would not confront them but would quickly walk away.

Others, such as Mr Teo Boon Keng, 47, said they would take action if they were to see such an act.

He said: 'I am more outraged that it happened in public than that it involves two men. If I see such a thing happening, I will definitely call the police as it is wrong to perform sex acts in public. They should be punished.'

Said Ms Cho: 'They are probably doing this for the thrill of it. If they dare to do such things in a public place, then they must be prepared to be caught.'

Additional reporting by Pearly Tan, newsroom intern

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