Vivien Chan
Thu, Nov 26, 2009
The New Paper
We did not get her consent

EVEN in her drunken state while being surrounded by five young men, the teenager told her assailant "not to do it" as she was being undressed.

But Lim Boon Tai, 20, ignored her and removed her shorts and underwear.

And the rest of the guys just wanted to "enjoy" themselves.

They had earlier made plans to sleep with any girl who turned up at their friend's flat.

One of them even visited his girlfriend before returning to the flat for the rape.

So they took turns.

She was drunk and hardly struggled.

They took it to mean she was a willing partner and stopped their attack only when she bled.

This was what one of the five accused, Muhammad Shafie Ahmad Abdullah, 19, told the police after his arrest.

He said he thought the girl was enjoying herself at some points.

He said he just wanted to join in the "fun" but regretted what he had done.

The five men are on trial for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting the girl on Boxing Day last year.

Yesterday, the police statements of Shafie and Mohamed Firdaus Roslan, 18, were read out in court.

Shafie said he had invited his friends to his home for a drinking session on Christmas Day, after his parents left to visit relatives in Malaysia.

Feeling bored, they tried calling their female friends to join them. One 17-year-old girl responded.

After she arrived, the group played card games and drank alcohol.

Later, Lim Boon Tai, 20, who had earlier called the girl and invited her over, ended up in a bedroom.

In her account to the police, she said he tried to have sex with her.

She tried to resist but was too drunk and tired, so she gave in.

Shafie said Lim later told his friends what had happened.

"We were all jealous and also wanted to (have sex with) her," Shafie added.

"We asked (Lim) to plan so that we could all (have sex with her) and he agreed."

After Mohd Sadruddin Azman, 19, Rishi Mohan, 17, Firdaus, and Shafie went into Shafie's bedroom to "sleep", Lim and the girl entered the bedroom.

Somebody locked the door.

Shortly after, Shafie said he saw Lim kissing and touching the girl.

The two were lying on a mattress on the floor.

Firdaus and Rishi then stripped the girl, and Lim "signalled" for the group to start.

"I think (Sadruddin) did say 'I go first' and (Firdaus) said 'I go second'," said Shafie.

But Firdaus, who was serving his National Service, said in his statement that while Lim had removed the girl's shorts and underwear, it was Shafie who removed her shirt and bra.

The police statements by Sadruddin and Rishi, which were admitted in court on Monday, mentioned that the girl never said that she was an unwilling party.

But Firdaus and Shafie said in their statements that they heard the girl tell Lim "not to do it" and that she "did not want" when he was undressing her.

Firdaus and Shafie said the girl did not struggle or physically resist the men's sexual advances.

When asked by police if the topic of sex was mentioned before the girl arrived at the flat, Firdaus said yes.

"All of them wanted (to) know if they could have sex with the girl that they (were) inviting." Firdaus said he left the flat for a while to meet his girlfriend, and lied to her that he was going home when he was actually returning to the flat.

"We planned to bring (the girl) into the bedroom and all of us to have sex with her together."


He acknowledged that they did not seek her consent or permission.

The group stopped only after they realised that the girl was bleeding.

It is alleged that Lim later raped her on the toilet floor.

They then returned to the bedroom.

Shafie said: "(Lim) came to the living room and told us that he was trying to calm (the girl) down as I think (she) was upset."

The group hid until Lim left the flat with the girl.

Yesterday, all five accused looked solemn as they sat quietly in the dock.

Rishi, Firdaus and Lim, who are out on $50,000 bail, sat a distance away from Shafie and Sadruddin, who are in remand.

Rishi's and Firdaus' parents were present in court.

The trial continues.


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