Sat, Oct 16, 2010
The New Paper
Good on you, Fandi

Fandi only wants the best for his kids

AS A father, Fandi should be allowed to make decisions for his family as he deems fit.

How would you feel if all your decisions are constantly scrutinised by the community just because you are a public figure?

We do not have the right to decide for Fandi but what we can do is to support him in everything he does.

That would be the best way to show our appreciation for Fandi for all that he has done for us.

Personally, I would love to see his sons play for Singapore and bring glory to their country of birth just like their father did.

But if by doing so hinders their talent and opportunity to better themselves and live their dreams in Europe, then its not worth it.

I am sure Fandi would constantly remind them of their roots and where they come from. So ultimately, if Fandi's sons choose to play for another country, I'll still wish them all the best and will be proud of them, just as their parents would.
-Azlan Hadi Anuar

They need to go abroad to succeed

HONESTLY, will such prodigious talents of Ikhsan and Irfan be noticed at all on the international scene if they ply their trade for the Lions and in the S-League?

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Can Fandi depend on Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to nurture his sons' potential as internationally renowned football names?

The answer is no. Case in point: After Hariss Harun returned from Barcelona's La Masia academy with the MVP award during a one-week training stint, did FAS try their best to push Hariss' potential to greater heights internationally? No.

Fandi's foray into Italian football may well be the best decision he will ever make.

It is good for his career and, ultimately, it provides the perfect platform to realise his sons' potential as top professional footballers.

At the end of the day, Fandi knows best and obviously he wants the best for his kids. And he knows that he can't depend on anyone - except himself.
-Faisal Ismail

Chance of a lifetime

IF I were Fandi and I had the opportunity to bring my talented children to Europe to pursue their footballing career, I would definitely agree. It's a chance of a lifetime.

Ikhsan and Irfan are talented boys and I totally agree with Fandi's decision.

For people who disagree with Fandi's decision, I assure you, one day, we will all be very proud when we see them shining for us, whether for club or country.

So give Fandi and his sons' all your support. This is what they need.
-Ho Zhao Xian

World's best players are in Europe

IF FANDI's sons have the potential and talent to become professional footballers, it will be good for them to hone their skills in Europe, rather than in Southeast Asia.

The world's best footballers ply their trade in Europe so it is obvious that's where Fandi's sons should be heading.

Fandi, I wish you and your family success at Italy and do hope your kids will play for a Serie A club and maximise their talents.
-Bernard Chua

Right decision by a father

TWO words: Brave and Intelligent. These are the very two traits that describe Fandi as a footballer, and these qualities are on show again even as a parent.

Moving to Italy is the correct thing to do as a dad. Getting his sons to play somewhere with better training and infrastructure to improve themselves will always be the right decision, footballing wise.

Whether or not Fandi's sons will come back to play for the Lions is another issue.

Let us not be sour grapes and start to label Fandi as selfish because what he is doing will be the same thing that any dad will do for their kids. Good on you Fandi!
-Muhammad Arief Aditya


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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