Mon, Dec 06, 2010
The New Paper
Pervert? But our son is a good boy

By Amanda Yong

TO HIS aged parents, he was a filial son. A responsible man who would give more than half his salary every month to support them and their household.

A thoughtful child who would take his parents out for meals on weekends so that his mother could take a break from cooking for the family.

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And a "good boy" who would spend most of his free time in their Farrer Park HDB flat where he lived with them.

But outside of his home, 35-year-old bachelor Sim Keng Tee was different.

For four years - between 2005 and when he was caught in September last year - Sim prowled for unsuspecting women and filmed upskirt videos of them with his mobile phone.

Even his female colleagues at Police Headquarters were not spared - he filmed them and even tainted the drinks of two of them with his semen, filming them as they unwittingly drank the concoction.

On Wednesday, Sim was jailed 18 months for his offences.

Yesterday, his parents still could not reconcile their son's deeds with what they know of him. He has not talked to them about his offences.

Sim's mother, 68, a housewife, told The New Paper in Mandarin: "I don't know how he could have done those things. He was such a good boy."

Sim, a polytechnic graduate who earned more than S$2,000 a month, was the family's main breadwinner.

He would give his mother $500, his father $300 and would fork out $600 for their housing loan.

The Sims have an elder daughter, a 36-year-old healthcare worker, who is single and also lives with them. She takes home about $1,000 a month and contributes $120 to the household.


Mrs Sim added that her son would also show his thoughtfulness in the little things he did. "Sometimes, he would buy food or snacks on his way back from work for us to sample."

Sim had so little money left for himself that he could not afford to have a girlfriend, his father told Lianhe Wanbao.

"A couple of years ago, he got to know a nice girl, but he later realised that he did not have the money to sustain a courtship so the relationship didn't develop," Mr Sim said.

But if he did have a girlfriend, his parents wouldn't have known as he had never brought a girl home before, Mrs Sim said.

Although he had friends, he seldom met them. "Sometimes, his friends would ask him out, but he would usually stay home," she said. He spent the time on his computer, reading or watching television.

Every weekend, he would take his parents out for meals. "He said he was worried that I would be tired from cooking every day and he wanted to take us out to eat to give me a break," she said.

Her husband, a 78-year-old retiree, is even more stunned at what their son has done as he had kept close tabs on his after-work movements.

If Sim did not head home immediately after work, his father would call him to find out his whereabouts.

"If he was going to be home only after 10.30pm, he would call me to let me know," he said.

The elderly man said he did this as he had got into trouble himself when he was young and wanted to prevent his son from mixing with the wrong company. And Sim willingly complied.

But the couple did not know about his dark secret. Sim secretly filmed upskirt videos of possibly more than 100 women at places such as Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and Plaza Singapura.

The former civilian officer with the Singapore Police Force was caught while filming another victim - a colleague at the Police Headquarters on Irrawaddy Road.

Sim then led police to his home computer, on which he had 155 upskirt videos organised by the dates when they were filmed.

His filming spree started five months before he joined the Singapore Police Force in October 2005 as a civilian officer doing mostly paperwork. While working at the Police headquarters, he filmed three of his colleagues on his mobile phone.

His vilest acts involved two of his female colleagues. He filmed himself masturbating, then spiking their drinks with his semen.

He resigned on Sept 12 last year, two days after his offences came to light. Sim was so unwilling to let his family in on his dark and dirty deeds that he rejected District Judge Shaifuddin Saruwan's offers for him to see a psychiatrist.

The judge had said that a medical report from the psychiatrist could help in his mitigation.

Sim had been diagnosed with voyeurism earlier this year. He said he had gone for outpatient psychiatric treatment voluntarily, but stopped halfway as it involved interviews with his family members.

His parents found out about the offences only when reporters explained it to them after he was sentenced. "I was shocked," said Mrs Sim. She added that she and her husband do not read newspapers.

Sim's father, who was his bailor, had been in court during the sentencing but was clueless about the proceedings. Mrs Sim said her first inkling that her son was in trouble came more than a week ago when he told his elder sister that he "had done something wrong".

Then, he packed some of his belongings and went to live with a friend.

"He said a lot of people were harassing him and calling him, and he wanted to get away from it," she said.

Before he was sentenced, he told her that he had to be in court that day and left it at that.

"He refused to tell me what it was about and said he would tell me when he came back. And I didn't press him," she said. "What can I do if he doesn't want to tell me?"

Sleepless nights

His sudden departure worried her and her husband. "We had sleepless nights because we were so anxious," she said.

Now that they know what he has done, a deep sense of shame and embarrassment weighs heavily on their heads.

"Speak softer," Mrs Sim said in hushed tones as she gestured nervously at the neighbouring units.

"I don't want the neighbours to know." She said no one - neither friends nor relatives - had asked her about her son since the news of his crimes broke.

What will she say to him when she gets to see him again?

"Depends on what he says to me. I hope society will give him a chance to turn over a new leaf," she said.

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