Fri, Dec 31, 2010
The New Paper
I'm not vain - Zheng Geping

By Kwok Kar Peng

HE'S 46, but MediaCorp's delicious 'hunkle' Zheng Geping is putting many younger men to shame.

That's thanks to his six-pack abs, bulging pecs and sinewy muscles.

It's the result of the veteran actor's intense training over the last three months under a fitness instructor.He had trained on his own in the past.

In an interview with The New Paper recently, Zheng said he was determined to get back in shape after putting on weight for his last two dramas Together and Mrs PI.

He also wanted to shape up for his new role as a good-hearted gangster who can fight very well in the drama Kampong Ties. His character in the drama, which is set in the 1970s, is in his 30s.

Kampong Ties debuts here in July.

Men over 45

Zheng left for Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday to film the drama, which also stars Ann Kok and Yvonne Lim as his love interests.

Zheng, who has a black belt in taekwondo, said: "I told my fitness instructor that I want to look like my idol Bruce Lee.

"I also want to share with other men over 45 years old that at a time when our metabolic rate is slowing down, our hair is falling, and our flesh sagging, we can still (look great)."

While the good-looking actor has always liked sports, it was only when he turned 40 that he really started watching his figure.

As a result, his career saw a resurgence and he began to get younger and more fashionable roles than the usual uncle types.

Now, the 1.82m-tall Zheng is fitter than ever. He currently weighs 80kg and has seven per cent body fat. The average man has 18 to 20 per cent body fat, said Zheng's fitness instructor.

And he's so happy with his new look that he has decided to photograph it for posterity.

He engaged a photographer to snap photos of his topless body last Thursday at a photo studio in Henderson Road. The training and the photo shoot cost him $5,000.

Zheng, who's married to actress Hong Huifang and has two children, plans to blow up the photo to life size and hang it up at home.

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