Hard work

At the photo shoot, which The New Paper attended, Zheng appeared very comfortable with the posing and muscle-flexing.

He joked: "After today's photo shoot, I must definitely have dim sum, chocolates and beer!"

Yet, he added: "I'm not vain. I just love to be fit. Only idols are vain.

"A lot of people have good bodies, but it's another thing to train to achieve your ideal physique."

But Zheng's physique didn't come without hard work.

For the last three months, he pumped weights three days a week and did cardio exercises five days a week. Each session lasted one to 1 ½ hours.

The actor stuck to a strict diet that consisted mainly of skinless chicken breast, fish and lean beef.

He also wolfed down 24 egg whites and two egg yolks a day during his training. Zheng recalled being tempted to break his diet.

The one time he succumbed was during his father's birthday celebration, where he ate a bit of dim sum.

However, to demonstrate his "repentance", he jogged an extra 20 minutes that day. Zheng also managed to lose about 5cm off his waist.

While no endorsements have come knocking on his door, he joked that he would be willing to pose topless for an underwear advertisement for a five-figure sum.

Will he reveal his buttocks, we asked?

He joked: "Cannot, because my buttocks belong to my wife. I must have her permission first before I can flash them."

Hong, who turns 50 next month, told us with a laugh that if not for his age, her husband could join the Manhunt.


But with such a hot-looking husband, is she stressed about the women who might come flocking?

"There's no stress at all, because even before this, there were already 'butterflies and houseflies' swarming around him," she said light-heartedly.

"Most of them back off once they know who his wife is."

So have things become hotter for them in the bedroom?

Perhaps Hong was being shy when she said things are "okay", as they have always been. But somethings have changed.

Hong revealed: "When I hugged him in the past, it was like hugging a feather pillow. But now, I'm hugging a metal pole.

"And when I lie down on his chest when we watch TV in the bedroom, my head hurts because his chest is too hard now."

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