Tue, Jan 25, 2011
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Are they Britain's most spoilt brats?

A HOME that costs £66 million (S$135 million).

A birthday party for a 12-year-old costing £300,000.

And a £70,000 car.

Call Tamara and Petra Ecclestone two of the luckiest young women in the world.

With father Bernie as Formula One boss and an estimated personal wealth of £1.46 billion, it is no wonder the women have it all.

And the lavish spending of Tamara, 26, and Petra, 22, have been raising eyebrows in the UK, with Daily Mail dubbing them "the two most spoilt girls in Britain" this week.

Earlier this week, Tamara had announced she would be starring in her own reality TV show, modelled after The Osbournes.

She told The Evening Standard: "I'll be opening up everything to the cameras, seeing me in the mornings wearing my pyjamas.

"I want it to be very real. It is a chance for the real me to come across."

But the real Tamara, who was in Singapore in 2009 for the F1 race, has been revealed to be spoilt rotten, with daddy indulging her every whim.

Take the £45-million six-bedroom home not far from Kensington Palace which Ecclestone recently signed off for.

That wasn't even her first bachelorette pad. For her 18th birthday, Ecclestone gifted her with a £22-million seven-storey townhouse in the high-end district of Belgravia, with a dressing room that takes up an entire floor, reported Daily Mail.

Yet, Tamara never moved in, preferring to stay at home with her 80-year-old father and mother Slavica, a Croatian former model, 52.

Staying home has its benefits. Dear old dad treated Tamara to a powder blue Aston Martin for another birthday.

Younger sister Petra is not far behind in tugging at daddy's purse strings.

She's now the proud owner of a £66-million mansion in the snooty district of Sloane Square.

As a tween, Petra was a fan of pop group Damage and loved TV soap EastEnders.

A long-time acquaintance revealed to Daily Mail: "So for her 12th birthday her dad got his chequebook out and the next thing you know, Damage are playing at her party, and a bunch of EastEnders stars are there tucking into the canapés."

The final tab? £300,000.

Ecclestone was just as indulgent when Petra failed her driving test - for the third time.

Instead of grounding the then 17-year-old, he simply returned the pearl white Audi R8 supercar - one of the first to roll off the production line, costing £78,000 - with a top speed of 300kmh.

When Petra finally passed, she had to make do with a BMW X3, which was quickly traded in for a luxury Range Rover Sport, costing £70,000.

Not stupid

Ecclestone told Daily Mail of his girls recently: "I'm very proud of them. They're good girls. They're not stupid with money."

But while insiders say the girls have talent, they are often caught up in the whirlwind of their luxurious lifestyle, frivolously switching pursuits at the drop of a hat.

Petra, who speaks fluent Croatian, used to be fixated on a career in fashion since attending her first couture show at the tender age of 10.

At 19, the former model launched her own fashion label, Form.

With a launch party in Monaco attended by a who's who that included Elizabeth Hurley and F1 drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, Petra gushed then: "I want global recognition."

High hopes. The label folded in two years.

Similarly, Tamara, who has also done hosting, decided to dabble in business when she bought a pub in Knightsbridge, The Swag And Tails, for £1.7 million.

Within a year, she got bored and handed over the reins to her father.

Then, there are the girls' ever-changing bevy of beaus.

Yet, for all the money-rolling, friends say the girls really just want a normal life.

Tamara told Evening Standard recently: "This year, I hope I will be taken more seriously, perhaps as a businesswoman rather than just a socialite, or whatever they call me."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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