Minister questions plans to separate conjoined twins
Neurosurgeon Keith Goh asked by state government of Andhra Pradesh, India to carry out the surgery. -ST
Tie stall tender renewals to hygiene: Khaw
Mr Khaw believes that people here have become complacent, and said that hygiene levels have slumped to almost a failing grade. -ST
Singaporeans first
Resorts World says that bulk of its 10,000 IR job openings will be filled by Singaporeans.
Josie Lau 'breached staff code of conduct'
DBS unhappy that Ms Josie Lau disregarded the advice it gave. -AsiaOne
Raffles Hotel reported to be going on sale
Owner in bid to offset billion-dollar losses racked up in financial meltdown. -ST
Detention centre superintendent gets the sack

NINE individuals, including the commander of the Whitley Road Detention Centre and his superior who holds a rank equivalent to brigadier-general, have been penalised for lapses that allowed terrorist leader Mas Selamat Kastari to escape from the facility.

'Unreasonable' to fault ISD director for escape
THE director of the Internal Security Department (ISD) holds broad responsibility for the entire organisation.
Foreign aid groups test the waters
YANGON - FOREIGN aid workers yesterday saddled up for the cyclone-ravaged Irrawaddy delta to see whether army-ruled Myanmar will honour a promise to give them freedom of movement.
Asean leadership may help aid flow in Myanmar
ASEAN'S leadership in the global drive to help Myanmar's cyclone victims is a hopeful sign that aid will now be distributed in a 'more systematic' way, said Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Zainul Abidin Rasheed.
Chinese ask why
DUJIANGYAN - THE earthquake's destruction of Xinjian Primary School was swift and complete. Hundreds of children were crushed as the floors collapsed in a deluge of falling bricks and concrete.
Concert and football lift spirits in Kashmir
SRINAGAR (KASHMIR) - A PAKISTANI band played in the Indian portion of Kashmir and a major football tournament started on Sunday, two rare events that raised hopes for war-weary Kashmiris.
Thaksin plans to build city in Cambodia
PHNOM PENH - OUSTED Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is planning to build a 'modern city' in neighbouring Cambodia, replete with a financial district and port.
The Phoenix has landed
WASHINGTON - AN AMBITIOUS effort to determine whether Mars' arctic region ever had microbial forms of life was under way yesterday after Nasa landed the Phoenix probe near the Red Planet's north pole and began sending pictures.
Boost economic growth to reduce poverty: Study
LONDON - WHY do some countries prosper while most do not?
Cargo jet crashes and splits into 3
BRUSSELS - A BOEING 747 cargo plane crashed as it took off at Brussels airport and broke apart, but the five-person crew escaped without injury, airport officials said yesterday
Factory output suffers largest drop in 10 months
MANUFACTURERS in Singapore suffered their biggest slump in 10 months with a surprise fall in output last month.
Katong Mall on sale for up to $250m - amid controversy
ONE of the landmarks of the east, Katong Mall, was put up for sale yesterday at an indicative price of $220 million to $250 million - amid some controversy.
A new chapter in reading
READ! That's what Singaporeans should do more of. And that's what this year's reading campaign sets out to do. Launching it last Wednesday, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister, noted that 54,000 people have taken part in 700 book discussions and other reading activities since the initiative began in 2005.
When elites strive to be just ordinary people
MRS Hillary Rodham Clinton, Wellesley 1969, Yale Law 1973 and first lady of the US for eight years, is suddenly a working-class heroine.
Zoo didn't address high prices, long queues
I AM appalled by the reply on Sunday by Wildlife Reserves Singapore ('Buy value packages to save money at zoo, Night Safari') to Mr Kamar Lim's letter on Friday regarding his experience in the zoo and Night Safari ('Zoo, Night Safari, lower your charges').
Stone says quake was 'karma'
HONG KONG - Sharon Stone has been slammed for saying that the May 12 Sichuan earthquake was 'karma' for China's treatment of Tibet.
BIG DEBUT: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull became the sixth biggest foreign debut ever after its international box-office gross reached some US$143 million (S$195 million) since its opening last Wednesday. In North America, the film, made for US$125 million, grossed US$126 million in its first four days... KISS ME, KATE: Actress Kate Hudson made public her alleged romance with cycling champion Lance Armstrong last Friday. They danced and kissed at Dolce & Gabbana's party at Cannes, People magazine reported.
My new puppet coach should...
LONDON - THERE is a consensus that the new Chelsea manager can never be found.
I stripped for Playboy: Harkleroad
PARIS - MANY people are going to see a lot more of Ashley Harkleroad this year.
Ginobili's the Man-u
SAN ANTONIO - MANU Ginobili struggled for two games and it seemed he might not have anything left.
'Turning point in tackling cyclone crisis'

YANGON - A TURNING point may have been reached in tackling Myanmar's cyclone crisis, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said yesterday, as millions of dollars were pledged at an international conference for 2.4 million survivors of Cyclone Nargis.

Crater filled and water supply restored
WHEN Cornwall Gardens resident Holly Amiri returned home on Saturday night after a week-long holiday, she was shocked to see her quiet street transformed into a busy construction site.
Ahoy! New water taxis to cruise S'pore River soon
THE first batch of new water taxis run by Singapore Ducktours will take to the Singapore River in a matter of days.
Sichuan's triple whammy threat
CHENGDU - ONE of the most powerful aftershocks to hit south-western China killed at least two people and left more than 480 injured yesterday as soldiers hiked to a blocked-off river to blow up its barriers in order to avert the possibility of floods.
KMT head meeting Hu during China visit
TAIPEI - THE head of Taiwan's ruling party will meet China's President this week, the highest-level contact in more than 60 years, as the two sides prepare to resume talks stalled for a decade next month.
Jakarta cash for poor to offset fuel price rises
JAKARTA - INDONESIA is handing out US$1.5 billion (S$2 billion) in cash to its poorest citizens to soften the blow of fuel price rises - a step which might bring the government short-term relief after weeks of protests, analysts say.
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