Noise level is way too high
Fri, Jul 16, 2010
The New Paper

YOU had a great report entitled "Scrap plans for childcare/eldercare/dialysis centre" (The New Paper, June 30).

I can identify with the issues raised because I know how it feels to have a facility operating at the void deck of the block where you live.

I have lived in Dover Crescent since my parents bought our flat in 1979. And I have loved it - until sometime in 1997 or 1998.

That was when half of the Residents’ Committee (RC) Centre directly below our flat was converted into a karaoke lounge. The other half was taken up by a tuition centre operator and the RC Centre moved to another block.

The authorities - neither the Town Council (TC) nor the RC - informed us of the changes.

And we have had to endure the outcome.

My family has to live with the ‘singing’ of tone-deaf people belting out Chinese tunes from noon to 10.30pm, seven days a week - complete with vibrations felt through the floors of our hall and common bedroom.

When I made a complaint to the TC about three years ago, they told me it was an issue I should raise with HDB.

But when I e-mailed HDB, they threw the matter back to the TC, and finally the RC got involved.

The RC head and two HDB employees paid me a visit with a noise detection device and said the noise was of a decent level. I lost it and felt that it was pointless to pursue the matter.

In March this year, when sound levels and the singing got very bad, I sent another e-mail complaint to the TC. In an e-mail reply, I was told that the karaoke lounge had been soundproofed.

After some e-mail exchanges, I eventually had a visit from an employee of the People’s Association and three RC members.

One of the RC members suggested that the sound was more audible because I had left my windows and front door open.

I asked them to leave and said I would take my complaint elsewhere.

To this day, there has not been a change in volume levels - and no change to the tone-deaf singing either.

Is the karaoke lounge at my void deck particularly loud? Or are other such lounges just as loud?

Would someone be responsible enough to look into how karaoke lounges at HDB void decks can be soundproofed properly?

Better still, would it not be possible to house karaoke lounges in community centres instead?

TNP reader Sobban Munyandy

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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