Ardmore Park in 2004: No maids in private lifts

IN 2004, The New Paper reported that maids of residents living in upscale condominium Ardmore Park were told that they were not allowed to use the private lifts unaccompanied.

Maids were asked to use the service lift instead, which was also used by deliverymen, security guards and contractors. The private lifts could be accessed only by using a security card.

The rule was believed to have been introduced following complaints lodged by residents about overcrowded lifts.

When The New Paper tried contacting the condo's managing agent, CB Richard Ellis back then, it refused to comment on the controversial rule.

The exclusive condo in the Orchard area has three buildings. Each comes with four private lifts and two service lifts.

A check with condo dwellers then showed that no other condos had restrictions about maids using the passenger lift. Most other condominiums also do not have service lifts.

It is not known if the policy against maids using the private lifts is still in place at Ardmore Park.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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